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Alvarez, Priscilla
photography - West Stockbridge, MA
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Andrews, Karen
Photography, Watercolor, Drawing - West Stockbridge, MA
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I consider myself to be a Magical Realist artist who shifts between a love of color and a fascination with gesture. I tend to use a variety of two-dimensional mediums with equal ease: color photography, watercolor, drawing and combinations thereof. I often start by selecting a theme, such as dance, machinery or something in nature and explore it from many aspects. I am most interested in what might be considered ordinary objects or scenes, but which to me are moments of intense seeing, offering a window into the deeper, invisible underpinnings of this world. I am drawn to light and to the eidectic world --as in Rorschach inkblots. What excites me is the evidence of implied movement, whether in dance, wind, or brushstrokes. I keep returning to similar themes, revisiting them with new eyes and a deeper understanding. My seeing and my recording of what I observe has become a visual journaling of my journey into greater depth of feeling, connection and spiritual growth.


Karen Andrews, a photographer and watercolorist from West Stockbridge, MA has shown her work in one-woman and group exhibitions throughout the Berkshires, New England and internationally. Originally from New Haven, CT, Andrews received her B.A. in Art History and Studio Art from Oberlin College in 1979. Her work has been included in corporate and institutional collections such as the American Embassy in Taiwan, the DeCordova Museum, and Hartford Hospital.

She has won numerous awards for her photographs, including the prestigious Provincetown Art Association Juried Show, and has been published in local and regional publications.

Arkans, Sue
Watercolor - Alford, MA
Arre-Gerber, Kim E
Acrylic - Pittsfield, MA
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Auberjonois, Anne - Vice President & Board Member
oils, digital painting - Stockbridge, MA
The Berkshires have been close to my heart since I started coming here in the early 80’s. When I decided to retire from a design career, this seemed like the obvious place to move to. At some point you realize that there is only a finite amount of time and if you’re going to follow a dream you need to take a leap of faith. I love the Berkshire landscapes. Nature draws me visually as do the simple objects around me that make up my life. Right now I would say I am searching for my voice. And in my search, I’ve found the community of artists and creative people here to be wonderfully supportive and exciting. 

So far, on this journey I have been exploring digital painting on my iPad and doing work in oils. My inspiration is easy: it is all around me. The editing process is harder
Baker, Thea Knapp
Pastel, watercolor, pen and ink - Great Barrington, MA
Baker-Cimini, Linda
Drawing, Ink - Pittsfield, MA
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Beller, Dorene
Gouache, mixed media - Great Barrington, MA
Benton, Alexandra Viola
Multimedia - West Stockbridge, MA
Blyth, Birgit
Photography - Richmond, MA
Bonner, Sebastian - Treasurer
data - Stockbridge, MA
Brancato, Carolyn Kay
Oil - Richmond, MA
Carolyn Kay Brancato is a representational artist who admires the use of light and dark in the style of the Old Dutch Masters. She is a Director and the Corporate Secretary of the Richmond-West Stockbridge Artists' Guild. Carolyn studied art at the Art Students League and the Grand Central Atelier in NYC as well as the Scottsdale Artists School and the Schuler School of Art in Baltimore. She and her husband, artist Howard Greenhalgh, have painted together in Provence, Mallorca, Scottsdale and in the California Sierras. Her work has been accepted into juried shows at the Bonnet House Museum in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and in the River Gallery in Galesville (Annapolis) Maryland. As a playwright, her work has been performed at the John Houseman Theatre, Off-Broadway, at Steppenwolf in Chicago and at the Church Street Theatre in Washington D.C. She has just completed her first novel based on interviews she conducted in France with members of the French Resistance (Knight of the Maquis).
Braun, Peggy
photography, monoprinting - Pittsfield, MA
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Bride, Marguerite
watercolor - Pittsfield, MA
Budnick, Esther
watercolor, botanical artist,colored pencil - Lee, South, MA
The beauty of the world around us can be found in broad landscapes or the intricate patterns on an insect or leaf. Textures and color awaken our senses. From the soft fur of a kitten to the sharp prickle of cactus , there is so much to inspire me to draw and paint.

Taught art in Public School for 15 years. Led seminars at the Met museum for a private company.

Studied at Parsons New School and at the NYBotanical Garden

as well as attending workshops in Fla.., California, and RI.

Displayed in many juried shows in N.J. and had a one woman show

in a theater in Montclair N.J.
Bufis , Michael
Photography - Pittsfield , MA
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Butterworth, Amy
Ceramics - West Stockbridge, MA
Cameron, Joy M
Stone - Pittsfield, MA
Carhart, Karen
watercolor - Lenox, MA
Carmean, Karen - President & Board Member
Oil - West Stockbridge, MA
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Karen Carmean

Color and reflected light excite me. Studying pieces of fruit and flowers, I search for different colors and reflected light. While painting my first pineapple, I was fascinated by the yellow-orange gold breaking through the cracks in the pineapple like magma under a volcanic crust. I have been exploring colors and textures since then. I like to take one shape like a pineapple, pear or amaryllis and explore its colors and shapes and textures. I also love landscapes and portrait painting.

About ten years ago Emily Sander inspired me to consider showing my work when she suggested I might start planning for a show in two years. Minga Claggett-Born encouraged me to consider joy in my priorities. If you enjoy seeing, doodling, working with your hands, would you consider sharing your joy?

I use a limited palette which enables me to explore the world of color. I use a portable system of painting which allows me to get outside and paint in different locations with minimal set up time. My mother was a water colorist who encouraged her children to paint. My mother took lessons from the author of the classic book The Natural Way to Draw [now available on the web for free]. Ms. Carmean studied at the Studio School at Cambridge Center for Adult Education. She lives with her husband, photographer Doane Perry. Ms Carmean had a solo exhibition at Friends Meeting in Cambridge in March and April, 2014, and has been in numerous group shows.

Karen Carmean, 617-547-1413,

West Stockbridge Library July, 2014

Friends meeting at Cambridge One Person Show March-April 2014

Mount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge MA, group show 2012-2013

First Friday Artist Walk, Pittsfield MA 2012 ongoing

Bagels Too, group exhibit, North Street, Pittsfield MA 2012 ongoing

1657 Cambridge St. one person show, part of Cambridge Open Studios, 2016, 2014

,2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and ongoing. Gallery opens by appointment.

Friends meeting at Cambridge Group Shows, 2016,2014, 2013 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009

Richmond Free Library, Richmond MA. “Scintillations” One person exhibit, February – March 2010

Central Square group exhibit, May 2009, Cambridge Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios, coordinating committee, 2008-2011

“100 from Cambridge” group show, 344 Broadway, Cambridge

Organizer of Mid Cambridge Open Studios, 2008 which successfully led to take over by City of Cambridge to run Cambridge Open Studios which was the goal of the effort to combine by the area Open Studios organizations and reduce administrative work to increase artists’ contributions

Friends Meeting at Cambridge, one person show, 2008

Cambridge Center for Adult Education, multiple courses in the artist program, 1999-2003

Cambridge Center for Adult Education 1975 courses in oil painting

Art Editor, Stadium High School yearbook. Tacoma Washington

Sumi painting course from a sumi artist on Seattle Public television taken with my mother

Prize for an oil painting of a still life, 1960

Mother, always an artist, a watercolorist, encouraged her children to draw and paint. Bought butcher paper so we would draw and paint freely. Melted crayolas on candle flame for pointillist paintings. Mother was a member of Pacific Gallery Artists and showed her work annually.

Chandler, Denise B
Fine Art Photography, Mixed Media, - LENOX, MA
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Coco, Louis Peter
Oil - Richmond, MA
Costello, Sharon
Fiber artist/ feltmaker - Lenox, MA
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Daynard, Carol
Mixed Media - Lenox, MA
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Del Rossi, Jacqueline
oils - West Stockbridge, MA
After studying watercolor for several years, Jacqueline now works primarily in oil with an emphasis on portraiture. Jacqueline has exhibited with Columbia County Council on the Arts in New York and the Housatonic Valley Art League.

My work is inspired by my travels, the people I meet, their faces and figures. I may be attracted to a subject by the expression, the curve of the nose, the shape of the head, the fullness of the mouth, or perhaps the gaze.

I paint what I see responding to the details that define the subject’s features, to the light as it is reflected, and to the shadows that are cast at different angles. I enjoy applying the paint wet on wet or patiently glazing layer upon layer to create a realistic likeness that expresses the unique personality and spirit of my subject.

Devanny, Mary ellen
Acrylic,oil,collage - Richmond, MA
Doerr, Robert Glenn
oil,pen and ink - Chatham, NY
Dolmanisth, Karen L.
All - Southfield, MA
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Donovan, Robert
Richmond, MA
Dotchin, Margaret Lenore
Oils, pastels - Lenox, MA
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Eldridge, Mary Beth
Watercolor, pencil, acrylic - Pittsfield, MA
Emerling, Keith
Watercolor, water-soluble oils - Pittsfield, MA
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Fabrizio, Michael
Acrylic - Richmond, MA
Farkas, Karen
Pastels, Stain Glass - Sarasota , MA
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Febbo, Helen evans - Board Member
watercolor, acrylic, printmaking, metal - Richmond, MA
Web Site:
Helen Febbo is an international artist. She has had Solo Exhibits in Cologne and Frankfurt ,Germany. as well as galleries in Chicago, Boston, and New York.
Felber, Diana
Watercolor, Oil, Pastels - Housatonic, MA
Web Site:
Flannery, Sandra
photography, quilting - Richmond, MA
Fleck, Palma - Board Member
Sculpture, Oil - Richmond, MA
Began sculpting stone at the Berkshire Museum under Myrna Lieb Citron, 1972.


1975 Berkshire Art Association Show at the Berkshire Museum.

2014 and 2015 Richmond -West Stockbridge Artists Guild Fine Arts Show at the Richmond Congregational Church.

2015 Richmond-West Stockbridge Artists Guild Fine Arts Show at the West Stockbridge Historic Town Hall.

Commissions:, Athens, Greece; Sao Paulo, Brazil; San Francisco, Palm Beach, Santa Fe, Hancock and Boston, Mass
Frelinghuysen, Kinney
Oil - Richmond, MA
Fulop, John
drawing, watercolor, design, architect - West Stockbridge, MA
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Gamble, Lisa
Quilts -
Geller, Susan
Photography - Lenox, MA
Goedewaagen, Dana
photography - glendale, MA
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Goldstein, Robert Lawrence
Water Color,Oil - Richmond, MA
Grant, Marion
Oil, Pastel, Mixed Media - Richmond, MA
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Graulty, Bill - Board Member
oils, watercolors - West Stockbridge, MA
Web Site:
Bill Graulty of West Stockbridge, Mass., is a painter of New England landscapes, interiors and still life oils and watercolors. A native of Connecticut, he has lived in the Massachusetts Berkshires for nearly 40 years. He is a frequent visitor to all of the New England states. The hills, fields, rivers and ponds, as well as buildings and towns provide limitless subjects. But he is also inspired by the New England coast. “I am most attracted to rural and coastal places and to seasonal changes – the end of winter, for example, or the coming of fall or a late-season storm. Those are the times that reveal a tension in our surroundings that goes beyond scenery.”
Greenhalgh, Howard
Oil - Richmond, MA
Web Site:
Greenwald, Mitchell
photography - Glendale, MA
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Hatch, Sarah Stokes
All - Lenox, MA
Hoffman, Elaine
Clay - West Stockbridge, MA
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Holmes, Adrian - Board Member
Watercolor - Richmond, MA
Adrian Holmes

My passion is painting representational watercolors. My paintings could be referred to as impressionistic, which does fairly describe my work. I have had the benefit of observing the masters of impressionism. I believe I fall into the simple reportage style of John Singer Sargent (American, 1856 – 1925) who in his many watercolors, reported what he saw with elegance and élan. It’s obvious that Mr. Sargent used watercolor painting as a relief from the riggers of painting society portraits. One quick glance at a Sargent watercolor and you are immediately aware that the artist is having fun and rejuvenating his spirit. It is my simple hope that my work can convey the same energy and spirit.

My influence lies in my good fortune to have studied with Lian Quan Zhen the Chinese watercolorist and author. It is the simple expressive classic Chinese brush stroke that forms the backbone of my work. My philosophy is one brush stroke says a hundred words  Therefore, a painting, of a hundred strokes will say a thousand words. Like Haiku I strive to say more with less.

My technique is like a Chinese artist using a very narrow palette. However, my palette is made up of traditional English watercolors.   Color is a secondary consideration and a reflection of the scene I am painting. It is the interest and detail in the brush stroke and the tonal value in the colors that bring harmony to the work

I am a member of the New Jersey Watercolor Society. I also belong to the Art Students League and The Ridgewood Art Institute. I was born in London and came to the United States in the mid 70's. I freelance as a graphic designer working mainly in advertising. In 1978 I was a founding partner of a small graphic design company.

I was educated in fine art at the Ealing School of Art and the Twickenham School of Art.

I studied graphic design at the London College of Print and Design and the Plymouth College of Art.

Horvath, Lynne
Acrylics, Watercolor - Lenox, MA
Web Site:
A 2015 transplant from Maryland, Lynne has been a painter for forty years. A former commercial art major at San Jose State, her work leans toward graphics. "My goal is to expose dreams, memories, extrapolations and fictions, rather than paint purely representational work. But realism ought not be tossed away. The real question is 'What is the story to be told?" " Her work is in collections in five states, and her studies and travels continue.
Horvath, Robert T
oil - Lenox, MA
Hotchkiss, Joel
Mobiles - West Stockbridge, MA
Web Site:
Isaacson, Bernard
Photography - Lenox, MA
Bernard has photographed in various countries including Turkey, USSR, Latin America, China and others
Jaffee, Stanley Howard
photography on metal - Lenox, MA
Web Site:
Kammel, Marcie L
Stonewear - Tyringham, MA
Kelly, Carol
Watercolor - Lenox, MA
Kelly, Ken
Photography - Lenox, MA
Kennedy, Lucy
photography - Lenox, MA
Klein, Leslie
Sculpture - West Stockbridge, MA
Web Site:
Kronen, Hildy Pincus
photography, hand-coloring photos - Canaan/Richmond, MA
Web Site:
Lambert, Joan
Oil - Savoy, MA
Larkin, Ann
interested in art - Richmond, MA
Lerner, Kay
Oil - S. Hadley, MA
Levin, Lear
Photography - West Stockbridge, MA
Lipkowitz, John I
Photography - Great Barrington, MA
Web Site:
Lipkowitz, Nina P
Watercolor(multi Medium), iPad paintings - Great Barrington, MA
Web Site:
Mancia, John
Photography, Stone Sculpture - West Stockbridge, MA
Web Site:
Mancia, Linda
Water color - West Stockbridge, MA
Markwith-Padgett, Sara Ann
Acrylic, Pastel, Watercolor, Pencil - Pittsfield, MA
Web Site:
Martens, Irena
Sculpture:wood, multi media - West Stockbridge, MA
Web Site:
Massey, Veronica
Oil, Graphite - Richmond, MA
McKearnan, Betsey
Stockbridge, MA
McKinstry, Janet
Mixed Media - Great Barrington, MA
Web Site:
Mears, Lisa
photography painting - Lenox, MA
Mellinger, Mark V.
acrylic, collage, construction - Pittsfield, MA
Web Site:
Merelle, William Marcel
Stone/ Clay - West Stockbridge, MA
William Merelle grew up in the Pyrenees in a family with generations of artists! He attended culinary school at age 14 and worked among the best chefs in Bordeaux, Paris and Provence. In St. Victor La Coste, where people come from all over the world to study masonry and architecture he met his wife Maggie. Together they opened “Rouge! C’est la couleur d’amour,” now on its fifteenth year drawing people from all over the country. William shares his passion and art by offering cooking classes and creating natural art in his home and yard. “Life is a great adventure and our community is what makes all the difference.”

Moore, Carol Virginia
Watercolor/acrylic - Pittsfield, MA
Mosca, Marcelene I.
watercolor, oil, mixed media - Lenox, MA
artist, teacher and poet for more than thirty years.. many paintings(watercolor, oil, mixed media) include lines from my poems

book manuscript which includes selected poems and paintings

new website is being created

member of the art students league of new york

exhibited at gramercy arts club nyc ,

various shows at the art students league, nyc

Nesis, Leon - Board Member
Watercolor, Oil, Mixed Media - Richmond, MA
Web Site:
Newberger, Carolyn
portaings, paintings, drawings, watercolor, - Lenox, MA
Web Site:
Nirenberg, Nancy
Oil, watercolor - Lenox, MA
Orner (Cromwell), Marilyn
Oil,watercolor - South Egremont, MA
Web Site: htttp://
Panock, Bruce - Treasurer
Photography - Sheffield, MA
Web Site:
Pasko, Anne W
Mixed Media, acrylic, collage - Lanesborough, MA
Web Site:
Pasko, Walt
Mixed Media, acrylic, collage - Lanesborough, MA
Web Site:
Perry, Doane - Corporate Secretary & Board Member
Photography - West Stockbridge, MA
Piazza, Ron
Drawing, Ink - Richmond, MA
Pilson, Frieda
gallery hanging of art - Richmond, MA
Polk, Bill
Pastels - Lenox, MA
Potter, David
Watercolor, Oil, Mixed Media - West Stockbridge, MA
Potter, Erin
West Stockbridge, MA
Potter, Kelly E.
pen and ink, acrylic, digital - West Stockbridge, MA
Powell, Elena
painter - Richmond, MA
Pressman, Amy S
watercolor - West Stockbridge, MA
Pumphrey, Janet H.
Photography - Lenox, MA
Web Site:
My favorite subjects are people and street photography. I love to capture an isolated moment in the life of a person, and I strive to make my photographs of people tell a story about their life or give some insight into the person. I try to give the viewer a unique and fresh perspective of each subject I photograph.

I also enjoy travel photography, and I have been fortunate to be able to travel with my husband all over the world. In my travel photography, I strive to capture a depth of feeling about a location through its cityscapes, landscapes, and people.

I find beauty in forgotten places and objects, in vintage venues, in modern architecture and architectural features, in both beautiful people and in the neglected and downtrodden people of the streets. I especially appreciate the ability to enhance and manipulate a photograph through the artistic imagery available in post-processing.
Quinn, Carole A
Photography - Lenox, MA
Quinn, Exton
Oil paint - Great Barrington , MA
Reed, Bonnie M.
Prints , collage - West Stockbridge, MA
Web Site: See me on Instagram
I am a visual artist with a strong interest in Art History.

I have a varied background in Museum teaching, gallery work and

portfolio prep for teens.

My personal work involves multimedia and printmaking.

I am very interested in the hand print process using woodblocks and Gomuban,a Japanese type of "linocut". I love the mixture of natural materials and created plates.
Reeves, Peggy
Mixed Media - Great Barrington, MA
Web Site:
Ridgeway, Michele Marie
oils, textiles(embroidery), video, photo - Hancock, MA
Web Site:
Ronnen, Sheli
Photography, multimedia - Pittsfield, MA
Rooks, Joan M
Ceramic, drawing, colage - Pittsfield, MA
Rosen, Bob
I-Pad - Otis, MA
Rosenberg, Joan
photography, pastel, Waterolor - 292 SHORE RD PITTSFIELD , MA
Roszkowski, Denise
oil - Lenox, MA
Rousseau, Jean Jacques
Watercolor, Drawing - Stockbridge, MA
Ryan, Patricia Blair
oil, mixed media, collage - Great Barrington, MA
Sabino, Susan
Photography - Richmond, MA
Web Site:
Sasson, Joan E
Pastel - South Lee, MA
Schieneman, Gary
Pastel, Oil - West Stockbridge, MA
Gary Schieneman

Artist’s Biography

I began to sketch and work in charcoal while living in Paris some 50 years ago. A career in finance sidelined my pursuing this until retirement from the Financial Accounting Standards Board ten years ago. The goal in retirement was to see if I had any talent. I enrolled in a beginning class in pastels at IS 183 Art School in the Berkshires followed by classes in watercolor and oil. This gave me my start.

I work in all three mediums and find that each brings out something different. For me, pastels lend themselves to landscapes and Berkshire barns and other buildings. Most of my subject material comes from my home town, West Stockbridge, and nearby venues. Oils first focused on still life, but has evolved into playing with color. “Red” is an example that has four shades of red on the canvas. Watercolor I find to be the most difficult (unforgiving), but travels well.

I continue to draw and have a series of pen and ink drawings of Berkshire county buildings, including the 1854 Town Hall in West Stockbridge.

I can be contacted at

Schiffer, Myron
photography - Lenox, MA
Web Site:
Segal, Freya
Mixed Media - Richmond, MA
Seigel, Harvey
watercolor, oil, gouache - Richmond, MA
Serian, Mary Ann
Photography - Richmond, MA
Sewall, Joan
Photography, Fused Glass, Pottery - West Stockbridge, MA
Shalan, Arline
clay,fiber - Pittsfield, MA
Web Site:
Skaggs, Margie
Ceramics - West Stockbridge, MA
Web Site:
Ceramic artist working in stoneware and porcelain to create decorative and functional works for the home. My work has been shown in galleries in New York and Massachusetts and regularly appears in shops in Berkshire County.
Smith, Anne Wickham
Oil - Lenox, MA
Web Site:
Smith, Debbie Detwiller
oil, arylic, watercolor, mixed - Lenox, MA
Spiewak, Ilene
Acrylics, Oil - West Stockbridge, MA
Web Site:
Talbert, Richard Harrison
Acrylic Mixed media Photography Sculpture - West Stockbridge, MA
Tannenbaum, Rose L - Board Member
Oil - Great Barrington, MA
Web Site:
Many of my larger paintings are impressionistic, in the sense that I’m painting from memory certain places that I’ve visited. Some of them have begun to emerge with the feeling of waterfalls, which began to happen after a recent trip to Brazil. The paintings are my memory’s impression of those rocky shorelines.

The smaller paintings often begin as color studies, but again, what emerges is a remembrance of color and light in nature. Color harmony and composition guide the overall experience of the paintings.
Terry, Theresa M.
watercolor - Austerlitz, NY
Thorne, Peter Giles
wood and stone - West Stockbridge, MA
Tremblay, Joanna Marie
rocks, semi precious stones and wire - Adams, MA
Truhan, Ardith
Ceramic / painting / sculpture - Great Barrington, MA
Weiser, Estare
acrylic - Canaan, NY
Weiss, Jerry
Sculpture - Richmond, MA
Whitmer, Ellen
Watercolor - Pittsfield, MA
Windman, Eleanor I
Acrylic, oil sticks - Great Barrington , MA
Youngerman, Elisabeth
clay - Stockbridge, NY
Web Site: Instagram: @porcelain_landscapes