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Shalan, Arline
clay,fiber - Pittsfield, MA

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I've been weaving baskets for over thirty years, frequently investigating the possibilities of combining basketry with other media. In 2008 I began working with clay and completing each pot or sculpture with basketry techniques and materials.

My pottery is handbuilt, unglazed and highly textured. When the pots are bone dry, each piece is brushed with terra sigilatta and burnished giving them a subtle shine and emphasizing the texture. After a bisque firing, the pottery is smoke fired in either wood shavings or newspaper. Oxides added to the terra sigilatta result in a hint of color showing through the black, brown and gray patterns left by the fire.

The basketry technique I most often use is coiling, an ancient technique which involves stitching a core material, usually a kind of rope, to the pot and continuing to stitch, attaching each row to the previous one until the desired form is achieved. I use paper fiber, hand dyed to coordinate with the pots, as the core and waxed linen for stitching. Other pots are finished with the addition of woven reed, rope, or plant materials.