Naumkeag birches
Giclee print - 2D - 16
Morning Walk
Giclee print - 2D - 16\" x 20\"
Giclee print - 2D - 11
Sailing the bowl
Giclee print - 2D - 11\" x 14\"
Blue Mist
Giclee print - 2D - 16\" x 20\"
Auberjonois, Anne
oils, digital painting - Stockbridge, MA

Phone: (917) 607-6955
The Berkshires have been close to my heart since I started coming here in the early 80’s. When I decided to retire from a design career, this seemed like the obvious place to move to. At some point you realize that there is only a finite amount of time and if you’re going to follow a dream you need to take a leap of faith. I love the Berkshire landscapes. Nature draws me visually as do the simple objects around me that make up my life. Right now I would say I am searching for my voice. And in my search, I’ve found the community of artists and creative people here to be wonderfully supportive and exciting. 

So far, on this journey I have been exploring digital painting on my iPad and doing work in oils. My inspiration is easy: it is all around me. The editing process is harder